What's your story?

Making a custom made jewelry means that you get to design a completly unique piece, that will be after handcrafted with love and care. Your piece will bring a story a cherish memories, either for yourself or for a loved one.

Are you ready to create something special?

You bring your story, we'll bring our jewelry making skills and high quality materials, to realize a truly unique and amazing piece!

  • Consultation

    The process starts with a first meeting (online or in studio) to get to know each other and understand your ideas and discuss budget and timeline.

  • Design

    We'll design and sketch your piece, and eventually sourcing the right stone for you, in this phase we'll communicate with each other to make some changes.

  • Production

    Let's go on the bench! We start producing the piece, either making a wax model or straight on the bench, we'll keep you updated trough the whole process with pictures.

  • Delivery

    Your custom piece is ready to make you, or someone else, happy !

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