Hello, I'm Francesca the designer and jewelry maker of Marechiaro.

Our brand is based is Lisbon and our atelier in Marvila is the place where every piece is designed and made.

jewelry design custom fashion silver handmade lisbon

A little bit of my story.

I studied fashion design in Milan, after I had an amazing working experience in the jewelry world in London. After moving around Europe and traveling around the world, I founded 'Marechiaro Handmade Jewellery' in Naples, my hometown, in 2018.

Nature, elegance, everyday and easy to wear. This is what you will find in every piece of our jewelry.

  • Organic Shapes

    We love to explore the organic shapes and textures that a hard metal like silver can take. 

  • Ocean and Nature

    The ocean and nature are our main inspiration, nothing is create from nowhere, everything we create comes from what we see around us everyday, from our experiences. 

  • Shapes and contrasts

    A never ending reasearch around contrasts, geometries and shapes.