About Us

Hello there, let me introduce myself:                                                  

I'm Francesca, the mind and the hand beyond Marechiaro Jewellery.
I made my first piece of jewellery when I was 12, using some paperclips and glue, since than I just decided that this was my call, that I was going to make jewellery.
I studied fashion design in Milan, than I had an amazing working experience in the jewellery world in London.
After moving around Europe and travelling around the world
I founded Marechiaro
Handmade Jewellery in Naples, my hometown, in 2018.

I finally decided to settle in Lisbon, where we're now based. A young and vibrant city.
Portugal beautiful landscapes are an endless source of inspiration. 
Nature, elegance, everyday and easy to wear.
Nature is our main inspiration, nothing is create from nowhere, everything we create comes from what we see around us everyday, from our experiences.
So it comes our main collection, the first one, MAREA collection, that has been thought about, while looking at the greatness of the sea. The texture of the jewellery from this collection is meant to imitate the surface of the sea and it's sparkle, the very skin of the sea, while you wear this pieces you wear the sea.
Than the other collections came by. Azulejos inspired by the buildings in the beautiful Lisbon, full of different Azulejos that gives to them a special touch.The Inca collection, which colours and texture are inspired by the ancient Inca culture. Finally the pebbles collection return to nature but this time to the shores made of Pebbles.
Every single piece of jewellery is handmade with a lot of love, therefore it may have some signs of imperfection, but for sure it's unique!





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